Sagittarius, Your Year Ahead 2023

by Celeste Featherstone for Bus Stop Judo

Dear Sagittarius one of the generalizations about your sign is that you need to feel free, and one of the ways for you to feel free until your next birthday will be to adapt. To some of you this may sound oxymoronic, and if your are like the editor’s Mom or my Mom which are both Sagittarius you may think that by adapting you won’t feel free. There is many a Sagittarius, like our mother’s who would rather let their element FIRE just burn than be contained, especially by adapting.

However this year you may have to adapt, in order to end the year without all the inferior elements in your life, adapting in order to shed all negativity and confusion that you experienced last year. By doing so, you will be able to make new contacts with worthwhile persons or ideas. So for now until your birthday next year, by adapting you will be on a superior path. Your ruling planet Jupiter has laid out that path, the division and divisiveness that you engaged in last year will begin to fade away, but you must look for the beneficial, not to control it but to adapt to it.

Here in America every Sagittarius is born in autumn and symbolically autumn is a season of adaptation. So what happens in the forest in autumn, well seeds are scattered, leaves fall to cover said seeds to act as a mulch, a layer of protection for the coming winter, and the bark on trees grow thicker in order to prepare for the coming winter. The forest like you should Sagittarius, is adapting to the current condition in order to rest, protect itself in winter and be restored when new activity begins. However you can’t fixate on the negativities of the past, you must look for the good and the best way is to seek it out and adapt to it. Believe me it is out there and it is coming. This will bring you great joy and abundance. As Jupiter is your ruling planet some of you will see this happening in late spring but most of you will see it in the middle of summer.

For now concern yourself with doing the best that you can under the circumstances, if you can’t control the situation completely allow someone to help you. Now is not the time to put your thumb on the scale. Chose situations that allow you to serve others and refrain from getting upset when others fall short of your expectations. Serving others will be where your strength lies, it will be where you find progress and success. Let your FIRE warm others as it warms you.

If you are a leader, listen to your people, put their feelings and aspirations ahead of yours. Do not worry about dead weight so to speak, there will come a time for that later. And because of your service to others, some of the old “skins” that concern you will shed naturally. Adapting your products and services to the zeitgeist of the time will be beneficial, you may not see it immediately but if you are not looking for it nor willing to adapt to it you won’t see it at all. Again we are moving away from division and into inclusion. So you must mediate on that so you have a clear vision of when it comes, for some of you Sagittarius’s it will be your responsibility to usher it in. When your goals are in harmony with those that follow you, your leadership will be appreciated. And those who do not appreciate you or your leadership, they will probably displace themselves. As a Sagittarius you will be fine with that.

With personal and social situations, try to be as a flexible as possible and I know this may be very difficult for some Sagittarius, in some cases you will have to subordinate yourself. Again adapting to the situation as it is, means resisting reacting to how you want them to be. Choose to make your relationships as rewarding as possible, through adaptation. Throw away old judgements and opinions that have restricted you in the past, look for new inspiration and make it a part of you new routine. By adapting to the arrived or coming milieu, that your ascendant plant is creating this year, which is one of cooperation, community, and commitments all for the good. Means that going into your birthday next year you will reap all the benefits. And as I said earlier, you will part ways with lesser elements, make worthwhile connections, unfold worthwhile ideals. However by not adapting to the good that is in your life you will stay stuck and have a miserable birthday in 2023.


Disclaimer: This Horoscope is for entertainment purposes, the author of this post claims no responsibility for decisions made by individuals who read said. You can contact the author of this post for personal charts however the above applies to chart readings as well.

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