Capricorn Your Year Ahead 2023

by Celeste Featherstone

Dear Capricorn, last year seemed to be more about your family than yourself for so many reasons, especially due to your penchant for filial piety, and when we use that term it doesn’t just mean your obligations too your parents, it can also mean your obligation to the elders of extended family, even an obligation to your ancestors. So some of your personal ambitions were put on the back burner and as we know that is often hard for Capricorns to do. So for those December 22nd to January 1st babies some of you couldn’t wait for the holidays to end, especially those of you who are the head of the family or the hub of the family. Also especially for those that have been given or have taken the responsibility to keep the family/families together. The combination of the holidays, your birthday, may have seemed more overwhelming than usual, simply because last year you had to do so much for so many people. So dear Capricorn know that if you kept your cool in all of your personal and extended familial situations there will be benefit. Take a look back to see if the choices you made for your family, again personal or extended, were for the betterment of the whole. Your steadiness Capricorn in doing so will bring you into a state of Grace for 2023.

As often as Capricorns feel as if they can only depend on themselves, and more often then not you’re right, due to your disposition and demeanor, you won’t have to do so completely this year. The choices you’ve made for your “families’, last year have been banked, so to speak, and they will pay off in dividends of people giving you time, space, and the energy that you need for yourself. Again, you will experience a state of Grace in 2023.

Like a well trained ballet dancer you must maintain your balance, your strength, and poise well into 2023. By maintaining the balance, strength, and poise you will find pleasure in your heart, clarity of mind, tranquility of spirit. This is the time to make sure your environment(s) are devoid of all clutter and distraction. However in doing so don’t fixate on perfection, make everything as tidy as possible, as organized as possible, but don’t fixate on perfection or you will miss the blessing of Grace that this year will bestow upon you. In other words if the books on your book shelf aren’t in alphabetical order by author that’s fine, as long as the books are on the bookshelf and as tidy as possible. Spending too much energy or time fixating on the granular aspects will take you away from experiencing this year of Grace.

Socially this should be a very good year for Capricorns, you should find yourself in advantages conditions. Just remember not to force any situation, now is not the time for any kind of power grab. The formula is simple in order to experience the benefits of Grace in this time you must be Graceful. And if you do this any elevations in position or status will come naturally, through strength balance, and poise you will be elevated. Also avoid idealizing, see things as they are and accept them as they are. Again wasting energy on wanting something to be more than it is or what you think it should be will only be a waste of time.

Speaking of time, by maintaining and being in a state of Grace dear Capricorn you will seek inner development and self expression. 2023 will be a fertile year to do both and you will be pleased with the results. Especially any creative or artistic endeavor, there you will find satisfaction with the work. This should be an inspiring time and it’s not as much about getting the work out there as much as it is about finding your style. Ideas will flow and you will have time to see them through, there will be moments this year that the world will seem to have stopped while you see an idea through from beginning to end.

Lastly dear Capricorn relish this year of Grace, don’t expect it to be one of extremes but very goods. Maintain your sense of discipline and organization but find joy in it and those traits will reward you. May the Grace Be With You.

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