Aquarius Your Year Ahead 2023-2024

Dear Aquarius if last year was very difficult and feels difficult now, it was do to your indecision, so you only have yourself to blame. You chose small pleasures instead of grand ones, you vacillated between what would be good in the moment and what you wanted right now. If you haven’t begun to chose a higher form of pleasure, meaning something that not only inspires your self but your spirit as well, then this year will be as difficult as the last.

What is encouraging, is that you have to do just that, by encouraging others you will be able to achieve many of you own aims. And you will find joy, purpose, and meaning. However in encouraging others you must be true to yourself and true to the moment. You spent so much time in indecision and doubt that you may not feel worthy in encouraging others. However reminding others to believe in themselves may help you do the same. If you don’t feel that you are ready go on small retreats, where you can commune with yourself and nature. Meditate on the intention of trust in yourself so that you will be able to encourage those you trust.

Showing kindness, generosity, will bring cooperation, and yes we know you may be saying “after everything, I’ve been through last year.” Again and this is not to add insult to injury, but for the most part you walked away from your path. You no longer trusted “spirit,” and you no longer trusted yourself. You focused too much on the micro instead of the macro. Now is the time to look at the bigger picture, but you must remember you belong in that picture as much as anyone. Now that you may feel that you are returning to self, spirit, purpose, encouraging others to do the same will only propel you forward. However, always stand in the truth when encouraging don’t blow smoke up anyone’s you know what.

Being Encouraging, in business, familial situations, or social ones will bring people closer and they will be loyal. Being friendly, kind, and inclusive can only elevate you and your purpose, and the purpose should be to seek common cause, and it will present itself as you encourage others.

Due to what you experienced last year you have the ability to be more sympathetic to what some may be going through now. They may not come to you immediately because of the “diminishing,”you performed on yourself. Still, now that you have walked on the proverbial fire, to scorn others for not, or to get angry at them for not cooling your feet after, would be unnecessary. Be as understanding and have the intent of goodwill as much as possible.

Most of this “encouragement” can be done through discussion, there are still some wounds that you have to lick of your own. So don’t feel the need to overexert yourself. But listening will be the key and if you incorporate a philosophy or an ideal that those you are trying to encourage relate to, then your encouragement will speak volumes. Learn what you can from and of others, look for the threads of truth that bind us through encouragement, “I Believe In You.”

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