Aries Your Astrological Year 2023-2024

(First let us apologize, we’ve fallen off on our posts but we are back and to those of you who actually read what we write we love and thank you.)

Dear Aries the astrological year for you suggests that you concentrate on community. Society performs best when each member finds purpose and can commit to the structures that support said community. When all people have purpose and autonomy with in a community that community thrives. Your choice for the next eleven months is to decide where you are in your communities and how you want to lead, participate, exalt.

Let’s say you are in a position to assist in the construction or remodeling of your community, this would be the time to lean on your strength of character, which Aries I’m sure you believe you have a plethora of already. However anything that is self serving for the next eleven months will prove to be futile if not painful. Look too promoting and assisting with social goals, the goals of the collective that you support will intern support you. Especially if you are in a position of leadership, now is the time to concentrate on the strengths of those that have been consistent as well as those that are showing promise. Assign projects accordingly, this may be difficult but you must encourage people to stay in their lane, so to speak. You may have to assign positions and deadlines in order to maintain commitment to roles. You must make sure at this time that everyone knows their role, in order to elevate the “community” and experience the beneficial outcome. Serve as an example by doing the same, now is not the time to micro manage but macro encourage.

With that said Aries now is also the time for new endeavors if you do not exist in a certain community now may be time to create one. Now is the time for you to or find others that will create community with you. Build structures, mechanisms, and holistic disciplines that will help others and benefit the collective.

Lastly but absolutely not the end, now is the time to not be domineering with family, you should look at the collective family goals as a whole and pursue those goals for them as best you can. Try to incorporate one family members goals with those of another and guide the community to do the same so you can build what so many of us need…… community.

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