Taurus Your Year Ahead: 2023-2024

Dear Taurus, did you think that we had forgotten about you, well we didn’t we just had a little mishap in our offices but now we are back in full force. So here is your year ahead, if you have chosen to be restrained last year in your personal and public endeavors then you will feel and know a since of liberation. Much of the weight that was put on you last year and currently will begin to fall away as long as you restrain yourself. If you have held all of your good intentions, impulses, and serious plans in check then you will see new freedoms head your way this time next year. And if you have not restrained yourself, now would be a good time to consider doing so. As frustrating as it may be or has been not to force things, through your restraint many of those frustrations will dissipate.

Now, that is if you haven’t, now would be a good time to be on the gentle side of influence, trying to change the status quo may bring more resistance than you would like and or could appreciate. Any aggressive measures will only stagnate you on a number of levels, be they spiritually, emotionally, or even physically. Any new business ventures, or anything that look more promising than it should be, you must avoid. Now is the time to pay attention to details, like your health, financials, and spirituality. Now is the time to wait for evidence of sure success, trying to force anything will only bring calamity.

Try to be as skillful as possible, and if you think your skills need improvement and development now would be a good time to work on them. Give yourself six to nine months to see this through. If you do this anxiety and strife will begin to fall away, you will be able to resolve issues that have perplexed you for some time. Again give yourself six to nine months for this energy to reveal itself. When it does cultivate it will come slowly at first then as your birthday comes around next year, you will almost find the endeavors you seek to accomplish effortless. Again between now and then dear Taurus you must practice restraint to lead yourself to the path of liberation.

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