Falling To The Ground

Thanks for joining us,

Well, why do we call ourselves BUS STOP JUDO, (honestly we also considered calling it Bus Stop JuJitsu, but it seemed too long.) Back in 2011 I was in a Punk Rock Band for a brief stint, I was the bass player, I got kicked out maybe less than a year in. Setting aside the fact that I wasn’t a great musician and I missed a gig because I had to pay the bills, and therefore I was subsequently fired. Still for as long as I remember I always wanted to be in a band, I was heavily influenced by all types of music from the funk of Prince to the Punk of Bad Brains, anyway, I would often spend my time thinking about Band Names especially when I was waiting for public transportation. Now waiting for public transportation in the greater Los Angeles area is always problematic if not at times dangerous. You never know what’s going to happen, you have to develop a certain kind of defense mechanism because chances are someone will try to fuck with you. Then one day the name hit me, as I watched this older Korean lady navigate her way around a belligerent disheveled individual who was upset about her grocery basket partially in the aisle. The way she handled him was like a Judo move. Now there were no blows thrown although there were curse words she deflected, as she motioned and moved him past her, and until he calmed down and then he eventually sat next to me, huffing and puffing.  It was a beautiful thing to watch. And that is when I said to myself Bus Stop Judo. Now as with any Martial Art there are adepts and novices. But if you have to take public transportation in the greater Los Angeles area you are a practitioner whether you want to be or not. Fuck that wherever you are in the world if you take public transportation you have to be ready for anything. So that’s what we do here at Bus Stop Judo we curate inspirations, ideas and insights that you may want to use to navigate your own course.

Bus Stop Judo will touch on interests in Politics, Philosophy, Arts, Science, Culture, etc. We tackle everything from Politics to Bushido. Take your stance and be ready for everything we throw at you.


Art by TajathO 2020

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