While many of us were watching the second impeachment of Donald J. Trump, which was so well presented by the managers by the way. And earlier while so many of us were “riveted” by the violence that we saw take place on January 6th, 2021. Some if not all may be asking yourselves like I am asking myself to this day, what in the fuck is Mitch McConnell thinking. On one hand Mitch McConnell leaked a story to the New York times, in favor of impeachment but voted on February 9th, 2021 that the impeachment was unconstitutional. No you’re not having whip-flash, nor is Mitch McConnell schizophrenic. But he loves violence not physical violence, Mitch McConnell loves political violence he gets off on it, so to speak and that is why he is trying to have it both ways.

Mitch McConnell, has been said to relish in being called the ‘Grim Reaper’ because as the senate majority leader, or minority leader for that mater he made sure that the senate was a place where legislation went to die. Especially legislation that would help the average American worker or family. He was so much of a policy grim reaper that he got his wife in on the killing , so much so that during her tenure as labor secretary in the George W, Bush presidency, they killed policy before it was even born. Just look at her record as labor secretary during the Bush administration.

However Mitch McConnell wasn’t just killing legislation he was killing families. Mitch McConnell comes from Kentucky and Kentucky is coal country, and one could argue that some of the hardest working people on earth were Kentucky Coal miners, as all evidence would point Mitch McConnell nor his wife truly give a fuck about Kentucky coal miners. He cares solely about the people that may own the mine. And unlike the brutal, direct, immediate violence that we saw on the January 6th, 2021 by the insurrectionist, Mitch likes to take his time with his violence, he likes to kill policy slowly and patiently. Especially if it will help anyone poor, of color, or God forbid middle class.

Mitch McConnell as of this post has been in the senate for 36 years, and I can guarantee that Mitch McConnell has never worked harder that any Kentucky coal miner who has been in the mines for 36 years. Nor has he taken the risks to his health, and or well being. Yes we know Mitch McConnell had polio and the associated press did this piece on him, and wether he likes it or not a government program benefited him and his family at that time. Still that was then and this is now and over the years Mitch McConnell has learned what “gets him off”, politically. And the one tantric position he has honed and practiced over and over again, much like a tantric master is to bring the the democrats to the point of political “unity” and climax and then he fucks them politically.

One of the tenants of Tantric Sex, is prolonged gratification, and if you are waiting to climax for 35 years, like Mitch McConnell has/did one would be extremely disappointed if Donald J. Trump was your ultimate political orgasm. But Mitch McConnell in my estimation doesn’t just get off on neoliberal pornography, judges, or obstruction for that matter. He ultimately gets off on power, and power arguably is one of the most seductive partners of them all. For Mitch McConnel there are three tiers of power that he is about to lose or lost, he has lost the majority, barely. He may lose the filibuster, but he may also lose his donors. Now don’t get me wrong many of these same donors support Democratic candidates as well. However I believe that there is a paradigm shift, that is about to happen with the Republican Party, Neoliberalism, and Congress as we know it. Not only do I believe it but Mitch McConnell does as well.

In the Taoist Text of “tantra’ the “emperor should make love to nine chosen consorts every night, progressing from lower ranks to the highest. The mistake would be to think of Mitch McConnell as the emperor he is a consort, the most talented consort the senate has ever seen, and he has delayed the the political gratification of a neoliberal donor class until they all ejaculated on January 20th, 2016 after the election of Donald J. Trump. As written in previous posts Trump was a neoliberal Jesus and Mitch McConnell was willing to be Mary Magdalene but ended up as Pontius Pilate. However Mitch McConnll was washing his hands of Donald J. Trump not because he didn’t want to seem complicit in the political crucifixion of Trump, but because he was threatened by personal violence. A violence that would have removed him from power, and would maybe just maybe kept his legs closed forever… remeber he’s a consort not the emperor.

There is a neurological link between sex and violence, and you should read this wonderful article in Quartz of which I will go into more at a later date. Also as salacious as I’m trying to be I’m not sure exactly how Mitch McConnell gets off, and I’m not trying to be intentionally crass, but let’s break it down he loves power, he loves the donor class, and he will do anything to please said class. And we have never seen this guarded, stoic man smile until he was called the “grim reaper”. So when you see that smile that bliss in in his face, the bliss of a man who has slowly, meticulously, and through a psychological violence put people out of work for thirty-five years you know he’s enjoying it.

Well he was enjoying it until he wasn’t. Now in his thirty-sixth year, in the middle of a pandemic, at the beginning of the second impeachment of Donald J. Trump, Mitch McConnell for a brief moment didn’t want to fuck anymore. He was “happy” about the possible second impeachment of Donald J. Trump, for the simple fact that the climax of Trump’s presidency wasn’t what he truly thought it would be. But remember he is a consort not the emperor. So when Mitch McConnell voted that the second impeachment of Donald J. Trump was unconstitutional, he was doing so because his “emperors” want him to do so and Mitch will do to the democrats what the emperors are doing to him. The democrats must remember how patient he is and how much he likes it, and keep from bending over in front of him, and kill the filibuster.

TajathO 2021

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