Guns America’s Plague

A bullet from an an AR-15 doesn’t care if you’re the first born or the last, and the only blood that can be painted over the doors are those of the victims. Protecting no one from this plague.

Guns are the number one tool used in the killing of children in America and as of this post there was another mass shooting, here in America. The duplicity of being “pro-life” and “pro-gun,” is never lost on me. However I am tired of these killings, worn out by the American rightwing washing their hands of any and all responsibility. Calling for revival while baptizing themselves in the waters of hypocrisy.

To be clear when the second amendment was written it took more intelligence to load a musket than it takes to load and pull the trigger of an AR-15 today. Still the second amendment seems more important than the first. It is easier to buy

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