Instant or not Karma is Real (part two)

In part one I left you with, “The meek shall inherit the earth.” Personally I believe that that was a piece of Christian propaganda to keep the poor in their places, whom of which historically more times than not were and are the oppressed, those being Women, Black People, Jews, Muslims, LGBTQ, etc. What does it mean to be ‘meek’ in America today or in the world for that matter? Are the meek the ones getting the vaccine because they want to take care of others and themselves? Are the “meek” the ones who want to stop climate change, end racism, bring in the true dawning of social justice? And is the Corona Virus weeding out those that aren’t “meek” from the those that are, and is Mother Earth doing the same, as she tries to shake the fever of climate change? Is she trying to tell us that the only way to save the planet is to rid ourselves of the ignorant, asinine, and sociopathic? Even if the “meek” side has to take some hits, is Mother Earth telling us this is our Karma, and we better do something about it? I believe so.

There are many of us who may take issue with being called meek so for the sake of this argument, I will call us humble. Do I believe that the humble people find it easier to wear their masks, as opposed to those who refuse, absolutely? Now do I believe that when we are at the end of this pandemic and that there will be more humble people than the belligerent or as I said before, the asinine, I would like to think so. Is this all wishful thinking or is it karma, come to pass? I believe, it is karma come to pass and it is way pass due.

Since I am an American, I can only speculate on America’s karma, and her karma is inextricably tied to that of the white male in America. Especially the privileged and the powerful, especially those today that are more afraid of her changing demographics, more so than they are afraid of constant wildfires in California or the 100 year floods that happen every ten years even in West Virginia. Especially the white male privileged men who are more concerned with how they appear instead of being concerned with the wellbeing their fellow humans, refusing to get vaccinated or wear a mask. To me, and this of course is a generalization of those refusing to get vaccinated or wear a mask are those that have always plagued the humble. They are the willfully ignorant of those that are suffering, because they are the privileged, and again the asinine sthose that associate themselves with the authoritative. As I am writing this right now, I am seeing more of this in the media, five times more cops are dying from covid than they are from gunshots. Why are cops resisting the vaccine, why are cops refusing to wear masks? Are they ignorant, maybe? Are they privileged, maybe they can take away a life easier than anyone else can, and if they do hardly be held accountable? Do cops lean toward the authoritative, well they are called the authorities. If you are an authority or believe yourself to be one you cannot appear to be or be vulnerable. More than that you cannot admit vulnerability to yourself. We’ll come back to cops, when you grow up in a society that has physically and psychologically reinforced your privileged idea of self, a society that has given you permission to tell others what to do just by virtue of the color of your skin you will be reluctant to seem vulnerable. Vulnerability is counter narrative to the entirety of everything you’ve been told or seen. So when this virus came along somewhere in the back of their minds they associated mask wearing with vulnerability and vaccinations with being Black. I jest on the last part of that sentence but you can see where I’m going with this. To be white, male and privileged in America for many is to be John Wayne, thought of as a hero but never really fought for shit. There was a time for a subsection of America that thought John Wayne was a greater hero than Muhammed Ali, and those that thought that John Wayne could beat him in a fight, which is complete and utter bullshit but anyway I digress. The point that I’m trying to make is that when you are invested in style over substance and you are fearful you are immune to truth and the realities around you. Now what does this have to do with karma, where have you read that before?

As I implied in part one, for those of us who feel like social justice is moving to slow, and the rich and the powerful always seem to get away with it and when we want to balance the scales there is always a Joe Manchin waiting in the wings to thwart our hopes, we have to stop feeling that way. It may not be instant but karma is closing in on that era and us all. The virus made us cover our faces, pay attention to our breath and in the early stages isolate ourselves. The virus ironically made us do what novice Buddhist monks do, of course they didn’t wear mask but their worldly facades were altered so the ego could no longer be preoccupied with their perception. Novice monks are taught to watch their breath, the fact that the virus attacks the respiratory system, many of us were forced to focus on just that whether consciously or not, and the virus forced us to isolate ourselves something a dedicated monk would do in order to face their karma. Not having to worry about appearances, having to spend significant time alone, and having to watch our breath are not the typical functions of the average American. Americans need to be seen, they need their codependent groups, and most are not meditating for the benefit of their overall health. So when you are asked to do something that seems Un-American or anti-John Wayne why would you?

America has always had her facade to fall back on, she has been able to declare the moral high ground even when she has been immoral, in other words America has always been able to ignore her karma because she’s had her image to fall back on. It takes time for the karma of a person to be revealed and even for that of a nation, but I believe these are the days of a karmic reckoning, and yes because of I said before due to Covid and Climate change.

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