Sure The GOP Cares About The Sanctity of Life!?!

Since the European (white man) set out on his search for the “New World” where ever and whenever he landed he has put his dick in places where it didn’t belong, the contemporary would call this rape. It would be impossible to figure out how many Aboriginal women were raped in the Americas, or how many enslaved Africans were raped during the institution of slavery, regardless to say too many got f*cked that didn’t want to get f*cked is an understatement, but so many were in more ways than one.

The European brought disease to the “New World”, he brought his small pox, chicken pox, measles, whooping cough, bubonic plague, typhus, and malaria. These so called “Christian” men did not care for the sanctity of life in the Americas, especially if those lives weren’t of European decent in other words white. If their diseases didn’t kill someone their muskets would instead. Fast forward a few hundred of years later and we are dealing with Roe V. Wade in the year 2021, the Republican party would have the American people believe that this is about the sanctity of life but that is so far from the truth. This is about control, over women yes but also over the American mindset that there is a particular patriarchy in America, that controls life on certain terms. Does the phrase ‘Make America Great Again’, ring any bells? Much like their forefathers this particular GOP patriarchy has shown that it doesn’t really care for the lives of Black and Brown children, sh*t and if another white kid shoots another white kid this particular patriarchy has shown that it loves their guns more than their own offspring. Let me put it another way, if Mitch McConnell saw an abandoned baby on the side of the road or an abandoned AR-15 on the side of the road, you better believe Mitch is pulling over for the AR-15

The contemporary GOP is predominately made up of white men who are ok with killing once you’re out of the womb, again especially if you are poor, Black, or Brown. This contemporary GOP would rather separate children at the border from their parents before they would entertain the thought of removing a gun from the hands of a fifteen year old murderer or a seventeen year old vigilante. So the GOP is ok with killing, as long as they define the context. They are both pro-life and pro death penalty. Mississippi is a perfect example of this, they are in the Supreme Court, as I write this trying to close their last abortion clinic in the state, under the guise of a 15 week ban. Mississippi, as a state is for Capital Punishment and is in between those two polls of pro-life and pro death penalty. And therein lies something more insidious. Mississippi is the poorest state in the union, Mississippi has the highest infant mortality death rate, which is destined to increase if abortion becomes illegal in the great state of Mississippi. Mississippi is ranked last in education. So what is the GOP doing in Mississippi to remedy any of that, very little if anything at all. So Mississippi isn’t truly taking a moral stance, as much as she is applying a larger southern strategy. What has always perplexed me about the Republican party, especially today’s Republican party, is that they vehemently resist doing anything on the ground to influence any of the conditions that would help women or anyone for that matter make such a difficult choice. So what is their endgame when it come to abortion? Abortion is the last place for the Republican party to find sanctimonious shelter and to enliven their base. Is that cynical of me, believe me there is no place as cynical as today’s Republican party? So cynical a place that they are willing to shred the constitution and deny the rights of women just to make a sanctimonious point, in order to maintain power. This is a sad state of affairs we find ourselves in, where precedent in the constitution can be thrown out the window, f*ck the baby and the bath water can be brown out. However I believe that it is part of a larger campaign, a campaign of control specifically state control. Abortion is a trojan horse, again the Republican party may claim some moral stance but they have no problem with killing, so what do they want? To undermine the power of the federal government into perpetuity. The South has always had a problem with the Federal government, the dismantlement of Roe V. Wade will be just the beginning of the reassertion and claim of “states rights”. An old racist trope, which will leave the vulnerable more so. To what end you may ask, I am not of the conspiratorial mind that the South’s true goal is to bring back slavery, but nothing would surprise me these days. I believe it is something a little more innocuous but also insidious. The racist Southern White man has a God Complex. Not the New Testament God, but the Old Testament God, a God that is fearful, wrathful, and that needs to be obeyed for comfort and assertion. By faking a moral cause it reestablishes the white male authority, maybe not in all of America but in the South for now. Where they find their influence slowly eroding, due to the changing demographics. So if Roe V. Wade is overturned all of my LGBTQ citizens can expect your rights to be f*cked with next and people that look like me may end up in the fields of the south pollinating flowers after all the bee’s are dead.

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