Kevin McCarthy: The Jerry Springer of the House G.O.P. vs. Sun Tzu & The Art of War

I’m not sure how much Sun Tzu Kevin McCarthy has read nor do I know how much of The Jerry Springer Show he has watched, if he hasn’t done either then he should do both. One, to show him the pitfalls of his political strategy or lack thereof. The other to show him the spectacle of political fighting that he’s about to experience, not between his party on the right and democrats on the left, no the infighting in his own party.

Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is considered one of the Chinese Classics, written well over 2000 years ago used by military and political strategist to this day. The Jerry Springer Show, was a T.V. show that exposed the underbelly of American society, that encouraged people to fight on stage and in the audience. The Jerry Springer Show exploited the lewd, crass, and the emotionally challenged. Oh and by the way, while the people on stage fought, I mean literally threw hands, the host Jerry Springer just stood on the side and smiled. Which is what I believe Kevin McCarthy’s job will be for the next two years as at least twenty of his colleagues fly over the cuckoo nest.

I think that there will be so much infighting this year that Kevin McCarthy will have to take the stance of Jerry Springer because he is feckless. He will just have to stand on the sidelines with that silly grin on his face. The Democrats, I believe should just say nothing and watch the political cannibalism take place. More on the Democrats later. If Kevin McCarthy had understood any strategy, let alone Sun Tzu he would not have politically castrated himself to gain the gavel of the House Speakership, historically political eunuchs make better advisors than leaders, that is if they ever became leaders at all. And please correct me if I’m wrong, I’ve never heard historically of any would be eunuch to willingly castrate themselves. In Sun Tzu’s The Art of War one tenet, is that you win the war before you even start fighting. Which means that you have strategized, planned, and considered everything to bring you to the position you have coveted for so long. After fifteen embarrassing no votes, it became very evident that Kevin McCarthy is no strategist. Unless he is a master of deception. Deception is another tenet in Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, “if you want to go one way make your enemies think that you are going another.” You may say well the other Republican’s who refused to vote for him are not enemies, yes they f*cking were and are, this is a political war, but war none the less. I don’t care if they voted against him once or fifteen times he should be strategizing on some form of political retribution for all those who, like I said voted against him. I digress, back to deception,

A’military’ operation involves deception. Even though you are competent, appear to be incompetent. Though effective, appear to be ineffective.” Sun Tzu Art of War- Thomas Cleary Translation

Now if this is what Speaker McCarthy is doing, if he is taking this strategy from The Art of War, then kudos to him. I will be very, very impressed because not only did he fool me, all of the members of the House both Republicans and Democrats, but Donald Trump as well. We know that won’t be the case. I think speaker Kevin McCarthy will be exactly what he is, incompetent and ineffective. For one particular reason he gave the clowns the rings to the circus. If you read my previous post, the-performance-art-of-january-6th-2021-and-the-price-well-continue-to-pay, you will remember or read that I believe that we are in an age of political performance art. I’m sure it exists on the left but it is profound on the right. We have a party that wants to govern by tweet, by likes, and by followers, and as Donald J. Trump taught all of the spinoffs in the G.O.P. that requires spectacle. To keep many on The Right engaged, the Fox news viewer, you need spectacle. You need anger, fear, resentment, you need the dark side of democracy. The problem is that Kevin McCarthy is no Darth Vader, he will enact no punishment, poses no threat, and has no strategy. Say what you will about the Emperor and Darth Vader, they had a strategy and as big as they were on personal appearance they were never big on spectacle especially in place of there policies or strategies. I’m not sure how I ended up on Star Wars analogies but bare with me.

Darth Vader suffered no fools and conceded to no spectacle, Jerry Springer on the other hand, well fools and spectacle were his bread and butter. Much like they are for Matt Gaetz, Majorie Taylor Greene, and Ted Cruz. If you are on the floor of the House of Representatives and you check to see how your speech is playing out on Twitter, how much engagement, how many likes, or retweets you get or got, you are appealing to distortion rather than actuality. And in order to keep those distorted views engaged you will have to create spectacle. Hence the House Committee investigations that will be coming down the pike, to say there is no there there would be an understatement, however it’s for the spectacle not policies. The mistake that McCarthy is making by conceding to these spectacles, is that the twenty or so hold outs that he conceded to that he gave “cushy” jobs will all be vying for attention. Attention from the same pool of distortion that want spectacle, so they will essentially be competing against one another and if it turns bad, then somebody is going to get in someones face.

Now I don’t think that those “spectacle” House of Representatives attention whores will start throwing fists or chairs at one another, as many if not all did on The Jerry Springer Show, but they will all want to vie for attention. Which in my opinion is the furthest away one can get from the teachings of Sun Tzu. The House GOP is showing their hand which means what, they think that they can be more effective for the American People through spectacle than policy, or do they? What if they hand another agenda what if the GOP, where actually practicing one of Sun Tzu’s tenets, “deception.” Show you enemy one thing while you do another. We must ask ourselves who is the enemy, is it the Democrats, no they all know what the GOP is doing. The GOP are deceiving the American People in the macro and GOP supporters in the micro. The House majority is deceiving their very own supporters with these spectacles so they do not have to enact policy that will help the American People. And possibly by helping the American People diminish their power and that of the one percent. So am I saying that the enemy of the GOP are their very own supporters, I am.

I’m not sure if Jerry Springer ever got tired of the spectacle, the violence, or the exploitation he executed, I wonder if it ever became redundant? However whatever you say about Jerry he was amongst the people. Kevin McCarthy is not amongst the people as much as Jerry was nor will he ever be. Neither are his colleagues, they don’t see what Jerry saw, all they see are tweets, likes, and followers. Abstracts have become the true necessitation of governance as oppose to policy in the GOP.

Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, does not deal in abstracts and it often refers to the people as the motivation for all actions. On the tongues of the GOP the words “The American People,” is just a fucking platitude, it is something they say to those who think John Wayne was a bigger hero than Muhammad Ali. John Wayne never served in the military and John Wayne never fought Smokin’ Joe Fraiser. My point is that through out The Art of War the people are always mentioned and considered as the inspiration, not for war but to advance. The only thing Kevin McCarthy will be advancing will be a clown show, with a ring leader, that can’t get the elephant shit off from his shoes. And I believe the Democrats should accept this, they should not resist the spectacle, they should say, “let’s see if there is some there, there.” Because resistance is what the GOP wants and I believe that the democrats shouldn’t give it to them. And I’ll tell you why in my next blog, “Sun Tzu and The AOC”.

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