Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sun Tzu: The Art of 21st Century Political War.

We are in an age of “Deception”, some may argue that America has always been deceiving, meaning that there has been an American underbelly of those that will deceive others in order to advance their own agenda or purpose. Especially those in government. However the Deception that we are seeing now in the American body politic, especially on the right is not the Sympathy for The Devil, deception that the Rolling Stones sang and wrote about back in 1968. The deception that we are seeing now is not elegant, cultured, or smooth. The deception that we are seeing now is sloppy, belligerent, and undisciplined. Dare I say this deception is giving the Sympathy for The Devil, devil a bad name. Dare I say because we know who the Devil’s are in the House of Representatives and we know the nature of their game.

Sun Tzu, does reference Deception in The Art of War, All Warfare is Based on Deception” However no where in The Art of War, does it mention self deception or deception of the people you represent. I am struggling to figure out how and why so many people allow themselves to be deceived, especially on the Right. However I might have ignored the obvious, the Right is much better at messaging than the Left, and what the Right is great at, is repetition, and repetition is the cornerstone of influence. Especially for those who are fearful, aggrieved, and angry. The Right in America still wants us to hold on to these “Norman Rockwell” ideals of America and many an American may want that also. However even Norman Rockwell knew that he was idealizing an America, that he may have seen moments of sublime sentimentality, but he had to have known those moments didn’t exist for everyone. If he had his art would not have expressed said sentiment so well. Sentiment is a strange guest in the American psyche, it’s like calling John Wayne a hero, when he never went to war. So now especially if you are of a certain age sentiment is tying the Republican party in knots and they don’t know what to do about it. Or maybe they do, erode democracy as we know it, protect a certain class of person, and deny the rights of the others so the certain class of person can feel “safe” in an ever changing America. In other words deceive them so they won’t look around and see what the real world looks like. If Ron DeSantis says Santa is real and you don’t then you’re WOKE!

Again, The Art of War, says nothing about deceiving the people that you lead. Basically, because you need their support, and their political sustenance as you “fight” politically. That is unless you are voted in by the people and answer to special interests, then you are a deceiver and the very people you represent are being treated as an enemy by you, for the simple fact that you are not serving them. However you need them to stay in power. So what is the best way to stay in power, vilify, distract, and deceive.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and many in the Democratic party seem to be on the right path by not engaging in the bullshit. Regrettably, that is what I believe we will be getting from the Republicans for the next two years and as I predict they will end the next two years by feeding on each other. The number one problem with the GOP, is that the leaders are afraid to punish those that “step out of line,” because there are no longer any boundaries, they are all untethered, all undisciplined, all so fucking sloppy. And as of this moment George Santos is the poster boy for the Republican Party.

If it is not advantageous, do not move.” The Art of War.

The AOC’s and the Democrats I believe will not have to move. Sure she and other’s can make gestures to the Matt Gaetz’ and Paul Gosard’s of the House as they try to stage melodramatic hearings after melodramatic hearings, with very little style and absolutely no substance. So the Democrats should have no sympathy for the far right “devil’s” in The House of Representatives, they will eventually destroy each other, because their leader, Kevin McCarthy, “encompasses, no wisdom, no credibility, no benevolence, no courage and no strictness.” He is a paper Speaker of the House, which AOC won’t be when she becomes Speaker or dare I say President.

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