Do You Ever Ask Yourself, What is Sacred? Part 1

We live and exist in a time of Self-Proclaimed Gurus, Shamans, and Saints. Don’t get me wrong they have always existed as have Charlatans, and often they are/were one and the same. They, the Self Proclaimed/Charlatans have used the desire of other’s for the sacred to “enhance” themselves. To tell you that the sacred has always been there and to tell you that you need no one to guide you, would be both truth and lie. Authenticity is now, I believe; one of the most Sacred things we can pursue, maintain, and give. However now we are caught up in pretense and too many of us believe that money and or fame will authenticate us, validate us, or even make us sacred. I know that money and fame do not make you sacred and the only famous person’s grave that I visited ever visited was the grave of Bruce Lee and it was not because he was rich or famous or a self-proclaimed Guru. Some may argue that he was or wasn’t a martial arts charlatan, I will leave that for another post. The reason that I visited Bruce Lee’s grave was because he introduced me to the Tao by way of martial art and the way became sacred. The Tao is Sacred. Meaning the way forward for us as a people can be sacred.

It may be redundant to say that the way of nature is sacred, to the initiated. And if you are reading this Blog you may or may not be one of the initiated. However I’m getting ahead of myself let’s go back to what is sacred. In the beginning of our lives many of us are told what is sacred, and no matter where you are born in this world you adopt a belief, a system, a faith that tells you what is sacred. Then as we age and grow, we begin to project our own beliefs onto what we think is or should be sacred. A cross on a chain, a meteor in the desert, waters in rivers filled with feces. Yes all of these things may, can, or are sacred. However if no one says so and no one agrees then there is a chance that what is said to be sacred, is not sacred.

So the question could be asked is everything sacred, the Sun that rises, the Moon that reflects, the Earth we walk upon. I would like to think so. What seems sacred now is attention taken away from what does exist towards what doesn’t. We as humans have always made abstractions “sacred”, be that valid or not, faith was required. However what faith requires is that we believe in what may have never existed, to begin with. The tendency to make what is abstract sacred has kept us from treating what isn’t as such.

So what does that mean, let me ask you; would anything be sacred if human beings did not exist? I believe so but everything would be what it is. Do you know what they called organic food in the time of Jesus. FOOD! We have the opportunity as a person, a people, a planet to make the world “sacred” again. In other words to make Nature glorious again, to make nature Glorious forever. That would disrupt many an industry, many a billionaire, many a country.

What do we treat as sacred today as a people? The rich, the corporation, and the famous. We let the rich defecate on our national interests and call it rain, treating it as if it were “sacred”. We are eating and consuming at the corporate Pig Troughs, oblivious to the fact that we are eating the same old shit over and over again. Not only that, too many of us are to unaware to realize that if you are eating at the Trough you are the Pig. Pigs Breeding and Consuming in the very filth of Consumerism, in other words eating their own shit. So Again, “What is Sacred?” Life, Family, Faith, Our Planet?

We have seen Life, Families, Faiths, our Planet treated by a powerful but small percentage of people as expendable, I would argue that anything that is considered expendable is not sacred. Is any life expendable, any family expendable, any belief expendable, is our planet expendable. Is what becomes or is sacred made by us then what the fuck are we doing? In other words what is sacred is designated by human beings, however those same human being, US, do not treat each other as sacred. Because we resist being “Human Becomings,” instead of Human Beings, that’s for another post. So if we collectively are not treating Life, Family, Faith(s) Our Planet as Sacred, then that would be a crime. I believe it to be a Spiritual One and we are all.

And yes I am Guilty for not knowing what to do, if we are the very people as a species that says what is and what isn’t sacred why do we treat each other as we do? In other words humans are the only species on Earth that can designate something as being sacred, or treat something as such. We are also the the only species on Earth that will shit in our drinking water and call it Coca Cola (to be continued)

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