Is That Fascism That I Smell

(a poem for Governor Ron DeSantis and Majare Taylor -Greene)

Sniff……Sniff Do you smell that
the stench of charred carcasses Bodies of critical thought being burned
in the concentration camps of idiocy
Do you smell that fragrance
the perfume of rope burn
a byproduct from the nooses around the
necks of the apathetic
as their heads perpetually lean forward in order
to make sure their eyes constantly stare into their electronic navels
Hoping to catch a glimpse of absolution within their own narcissism
That pungent odor wafting out from the halls of
that’s the the B.O. of hypocrisy excreting from our
American Body Politic &
I am afraid that there will be no soap to lather &
cleanse the feces from the deplorably deceptive off the willfully ignorant &
If we the people are alright with letting our representatives throw out our God with the bath water
then Democracy was a false god to begin with

Damn it, I smell fascism
It is the aroma of indifference mixed with the bouquet or tears…..
Tears of Children being torn from their parents arms
Tears of Mothers who’s children have forgotten who they are Tears of Father’s constantly blaming themselves for making
An American decision
It smells like fascism
like the cologne of goose steppers stomping on the
necks of women chanting you lie you lie
you lie
& it is the blossom of women with boots on their necks yelling me too
me too me too
It is the essence of life taken in cold blood emerging from Black Bodies
who were never allowed to be just that Blacker Than Thou!
It Smells Like Fascism & IT STINKS

©2023 Tabala Jali Thomas


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