Fear and Anger in a Dark Age And How I Will Survive It.

I recently experienced two things on the same day, one I was told my Blog seemed angry and two that I should make my Blog about other people. Basically I was being told that no one wants to hear about your fears and anger they want you to comfort them from theirs. Well Dear Reader here is my attempt.

As far as I have discerned is that a “Dark Age” can only be defined by an Age of Light to come or by An Age of Light that we exist in. I am not completely sure if we are out of a “Dark Age,” however I do see the light and the light is in you. If you are reading this Blog or if I’m reading yours, then I believe that we are light bearers, and the job of a light bearer isn’t only to question or fight the darkness but to understand it. And one of the best ways to understand that darkness is to acknowledge it in yourself.

I had diminished my light in order to make a loved one feel comfortable, now they did not ask me to do this nor do I blame them for what was ultimately my choice. However by doing so I didn’t shine light on my own path, and this left me feeling alone, abandoned, angry, and afraid. I only had myself to blame.

I have followed Taoism all of my life and although I have no formal training as a Taoist, I consider myself as a Taoist. Taoism has taught me how to follow the path but as well how to manifest it as you walk along it. I had stopped doing that and I became an asshole. I don’t care what your spiritual leaning is, be you Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Taoist or Witch for that matter if you have strayed from the intention of you original path you will become an asshole. I will go into this more later in future posts.

Now that I have returned to the path after fifteen years, I have much to share not for the benefit of myself but for the benefit of those like me who have hidden their light. I understand that at times it is necessary and reasonable. However many of us are being called to shine again not for the personal gain but for the greater good. And if you believe in my experience and studies is not for me to decide. I am just here to share and give and I know by doing this I am speaking to the greater good not the fearful few.

So please watch this space, I will be posting more, giving more, and looking forward to your progressions as I explain and go through mine.

I will see you in the light.

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