War, From the Window of a Poet

(written on the anniversary of The Russian Ukrainian War February 24th, 2023)

by Tabala Jali Thomas

War is the preponderance of the 
absurd &
The justification for insanity
War calluses the soul &
animates the spirit with apathy
War convinces us that any level of
hatred is acceptable &
that indifference should be the 
first thing fed to our children 
so they will have the stomachs for it
when we go to war 

War is ridiculously perverse 
it rapes the bodies, the consciousness, &
the faiths of families, communities, churches,
temples, schools, homes

War is the only place where they
kill babies twice
Once in the act of war and then again by
calling them 

War is humanities gift to a tomorrow where there is
no humanity
War is the manufacturer of widows and widowers 
of orphans & parents who have lost their children 
to war
I know that there is a word for it but there
shouldn't be

War destroys virtues &
kills principles 
War festers in sin & 
stains all our hands with the 
blood of the innocent 
War abuses power &
shits on nature 
War makes us believe that murder is

War is where democracies go to be tested if not
War is the Devil's way of telling us
"See, I told you there is no God."

©Tabala Jali Thomas 2023

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