Be The Taste of Light

(welcome to metaphysical Monday, from Bus Stop Judo)

There is this wonderful story in the Upanishads about Svetaketu, a boy who was sent off to study and learn the sacred wisdom of the Vedas. Now just for context “Veda” means knowledge and “Upanishads,” translates loosely to, ‘sitting close with devotion.’ So Svetaketu at about the age of twelve was sent of to learn the sacred wisdom of the Vedas, he returned twelve years later, versed in all the Vedas, skilled in the arts , proficient in the sciences and also arrogant. Seeing this arrogance his father challenged him, and one of the most famous challenges goes this way.

Upon Sevetaketu’s request:

  "Please sir, instruct me further."
  "So be it, my son put salt in the water and come back tomorrow."
  As instructed Sevetaketsu did as instructed and he returned the next morning and his father said.
  "Please return to me the salt you placed in the water yesterday."
Svetaketu looked but couldn't find it.
  "But sir, all the salt has dissolved."
  "How does the water at the top taste?"
 "Like salt"
 "And at the middle?"
 "Like salt."
 "And at the bottom?"
 "Like salt."
 "My son, the salt remains in the water even though you do not see it ; and though you do not see the Pure Being, the Pure Being is fully present in you and everywhere else . That one alone is the essence of all, the soul of the world, the Supreme Self; and O Svetaketu, you are That! You are That!"

Too many of us have forgotten that salt has been poured into our water, you may laugh but it is true. I'll change the verbiage, too many of us have not only forgotten that spirit has been poured into us we have pretended that the taste of our salt water selves is lemonade. To walk a spiritual path isn't easy, shit to walk a path of integrity isn't easy these days for the simple fact that to and for so many integrity is no longer important. However integrity requires that you first and foremost must be honest with yourself. So if Goddess, God, Spirit has poured into you then know that you cannot remove that taste from who you are no matter how much you try, and we need people like you now more than ever.

If you have bitten your spiritual tongue to make other's feel comfortable, if you have tried to change the flavor of your spiritual intent so the taste won't be too bitter for the uninitiated, stop. Now is the time for you to accept that the nectar of "salvation" has been poured into you and you can no longer deny it. Now am I suggesting that you go out onto corners and start proselytizing that you are filled with the spirit. No, I'm not suggesting that at all. What I am suggesting is that you stop pretending to be something that you are not. If you are one of the people reading this post then it is for you as much as it is for me. I have pretended that I am not filled with the spirit because I knew the truth of who I am may be bitter to those I wanted to be close to. So I tried to filter myself, sweeten myself, flavor myself in order to make my spirit/self palatable to those around me and now here I am writing this for you. I love myself now more that I ever have, again I am not suggesting you go yell who you are from the rooftops. "Love is not boastful, love is not loud." However, am I coming out of many a painful circumstance and situation and do I believe that all of this was a product of me not being true to myself, absolutely. Being true to yourself will never stop bad things from happening, however the honesty will  fortify you in those circumstances. So if you are filled with salt water and you feel that you don't have a place our purpose, expand your self not for the purpose of ego but for fortification. Now matter how much spirit or salt is in your water there will be fish that need a place to swim/live 

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