Friday Flow: Poetry, Prose, and Haiku

If this is your first time here with us Welcome to Bus Stop Judo. Every Friday we post an original from the header above. This Friday we have a poem by Tabala Jali Thomas, a poem for those on the brink of metamorphosis. We hope you enjoy.


The drought dry days of regret are
Alas water has returned to the 
The dam has been broken and the 
river flows once again &
as I rest myself at the river's bank
I stare across and into fields of
I see rows and rows of resolutions ready
to be cultivated & 
I will tend to their growth like 
golden wheat 
until they are tall, strong, & 
ready for harvest

You may have seen me then but I am 
all that you see now
The soul once ruptured has now been mended
with the threads of actualization
showing no evidence of stitch or scar
The heart more than once broken is now
Freed of every cast or crutch &
able to fly under the weight of it's 
own wings
The hope that had been dislocated has been
returned to socket
Restoring the divine principal with in the
body of faith

So these tears that you see are not the salty
liquid drops of
No, they are the delicate drops of
From eyes well worn
Eyes that will always find love
forever look for you &
constantly seek solution
Even in the middle of the 

©Tabala Jali Thomas 2023 

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