Their God The Gun

A poem for the mostly male, Aryan, and fearful in America


I swear to God these motherf@ckers must know
something we don't 
I've never seen them this scared before
Not in my lifetime 
Sure I've read about it in the past &
it echoes of Germany in the 1930's
But like I said in my lifetime I've never seen them this
afraid before &
Friends/Relations these mothf@ckers be scared
Fearful like a Black Man about to be lynched by an
angry white Mob
But there are no groups after them
no one trying to string them up
Still they be afraid.

So afraid that they done bypassed Jesus 
They don't even burn crosses anymore
Nope they have a god and their god is the
gun &
the way to please their god is by killing 

Their god the gun has been killing people 
left and right
Black or white
Their god the gun be killing people like a 
biblical plague &
no one is safe 
You could be killed in a 
Their god the gun will find you there &
bless you with it's bullets
In Grocery Stores
Home Depot
Their god the gun is a generous god

Their god the gun will bless anyone
with in range &
sometimes beyond
Putting holes in them indiscremenetly 
in the old but mostly in 
the young
Their god the gun seems to like 
the children more than anything
Babies are the preferred sacrifice to 
their god the gun
For that is the only time they offer 
Thoughts & Prayers 
After the children are shot sometimes to 
the point where only the soul is 

Their god the gun comforts their
Their god the gun let's them sleep
at night
Just in case they have to kill someone,
in the morning
Their god the gun is bigger than the Bible
because the Bible is a book &
the ban those
They won't ban their god the gun
like they banned abortion
They probably want people to have more
babies just so they can shoot them down &
sacrifice them to their god the gun
Sometimes I ask myself does it 
ever occur to them that if we worshipped
their god the gun that we would do
to them what they did to us.

Their god the gun blessing America
preferably four or more victims at a time

©Tabala Jali Thomas 2023

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