War, From the Window of a Poet

(written on the anniversary of The Russian Ukrainian War February 24th, 2023) by Tabala Jali Thomas War is the preponderance of the absurd & The justification for insanity War calluses the soul & animates the spirit with apathy War convinces us that any level of hatred is acceptable & that indifference should be the first thing fed to our children so they will have the … Continue reading War, From the Window of a Poet

Is That Fascism That I Smell

(a poem for Governor Ron DeSantis and Majare Taylor -Greene) IS THAT FASCISM I SMELLSniff……Sniff Do you smell thatthe stench of charred carcasses Bodies of critical thought being burnedin the concentration camps of idiocySniff……SniffDo you smell that fragrancethe perfume of rope burna byproduct from the nooses around thenecks of the apatheticas their heads perpetually lean forward in orderto make sure their eyes constantly stare into … Continue reading Is That Fascism That I Smell